3 Sweetly Curated Tips for Picking The Best Gift For Mama ↟ Mother's Day Gift Guide 2023

3 Sweetly Curated Tips for Picking The Best Gift For Mama ↟ Mother's Day Gift Guide 2023

May 01 , 2023


Olivia Cahoon

 Mother’s Day Gift Guide from the perspective of a daughter! 
This blog is an answer key for those of you wondering what to get your
 mama! Whether for Mother's Day (psst.. it's coming soon!) or a special occasion, Moms can be challenging to buy for... and we're here to help!
My mama is a servant hearted woman, who is always feeding, loving, and showing up for all of us. That's my dad, us six kids + now grand babies too, her friends, loved ones, and whatever farm life throws at her. I know that many mamas operate their day to day lives pouring out so much. So I’ve put together some tips for picking the perfect gift for the ones we call mom, mama, mommy, mother, + mother- in- love!

 Choose something that helps them take care of themselves! 

Every mama needs to be encouraged to take a moment for herself. 

Picking something like our Lenora Organics- Floral Bath Stones and giving her time to enjoy it can be so needed + appreciated.
 Grab her a pleasing pure scented candle by Woodfire Candle Co. so she can light it while she enjoys a quiet afternoon during nap time. 
Find a unique hand thrown mug from a local potter and a copy of Wild and Rare so she can curl up and read a new book! 
Give them something they will actually use!
Rather than something that may just add to the noise in a busy household, gifting with practicality and intentionality is key. 
A unique pair of high-quality jewelry might be just the thing- we love the handmade pieces from Badalia Creations, perfect to dress up or down.
Something just for her from Alpaca Threadz: Choose one of our wool blankets just for her with nobody else's crumbs on it. 
Pick a print from our selection of local prints -Something that brightens and adds local love to her space!
Pick something she will love! 
My mama loves sweet tea, bees, farming, + tulips. What are a few of your mama's favorite things? 
Grab an adorable Gin Pottery Ceramic Planter, and pick up a new little plant from a local flower shop! 
Give her a laugh with our “ Take a Hike” crewneck, cozy + adorable. 
Choose an assortment of garden stakes from Eagle View Metal Works to spruce up her garden space. 
Write a little appreciation letter!
Let her hear regularly how much you love and appreciate her- but especially on Mother's Day, write out a little message and give it to her. We have adorable cards for Mother's Day + any day! 


Ask us too! 
You betcha we love helping with ideas!  Always ask our team if you're on the hunt for something specific. 
Mama's are worth all the extra love on Mother's Day and every day.
Happy gifting,
About Me:
Olivia Cahoon  is North & Shore’s Social Media + Marketing Specialist. She joined our team back in June 2022. She has a huge passion for loving + serving people in everyday life.  Her main focus in life is living in gratitude. When she’s not in the shop, or working from home- you can find her probably watching The Office with her Aussie Selah, soaking up all the time with her loved ones, tending to her mini-jungle of plants +  praising Jesus for his faithfulness in her life.

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