Earth Day Recap at North & Shore

Earth Day Recap at North & Shore

Apr 26 , 2023


Ruby Dammann

We at North and Shore hope everyone had a chance to give back to this beautiful planet we call home over the weekend in honor of Earth Day ( April 22nd!). What a wonderful day to strive together in being good stewards of this earth to help preserve its beauty for the future.
 Some members of our team joined together with our Enger Lofts neighbors 190 Coffee + Tea to do a cleanup of our beautiful neighborhood, specifically in beautiful Lincoln Park as well as around our building and parking lots.
We were amazed to see how many other people were out and about doing the same thing. Together we were able to pick up litter that filled many bags, that would have otherwise ended up in our beautiful Lady Superior.
Being this close to such an amazing lake like Superior makes us feel even more strongly about helping to ensure it is able to stay just as grand for generations to come. From the biodiversity that call it home, to the endless swimming spots, crystal clear and clean waters, to housing 10% of the world's fresh water, being a good neighbor to it is such a value.
Our shop hosted two makers for our Earth Day Pop-up:  Shōr Products who makes beautiful, sustainable beeswax wraps, + the locally loved Lenora Organics who creates certified organic skincare products and values low waste packaging to help reduce their carbon footprint. There are many small and easy steps that can make a big difference and these businesses help customers make these simple shifts. 
This year for Earth Day we asked you what the earth means to you! Specifically we asked, "What do you love about the earth? Why do you love and care for the earth? How do you love and care for the earth?"
Your responses were so inspiring! Here's a few of them below:
What do you love about the earth?
"I love all the beauty that mother earth gives us!"

"The smell of pine trees and fresh breezes by the water." 

"The lakes!"

"Camping along the shore of Lake Superior." 

"Stopping and smelling the flowers and recognizing
we are all connected to nature."

"We love to hike and camp!"

"Finding peace and love out in nature."

"Gardening Therapy!"

“I love playing in the woods and (picking) up garbage “

Why do you care for the earth?
"For future generations to enjoy." 

"Wish for my grandchildren and the next generation to enjoy it." 

"As a mom to be i want to preserve the earth's resources for future generations."

"I love being out in nature and want to make sure everyone can enjoy what I do." 

“Because it's all we got! Always trying to make sustainable choices”
"Planet earth is our present and future."

"For the fresh air, delicious water and lush grass."

"I care for the earth because she is our mother and she cares for us."

"It's home, we gotta care."
“Everything involving our beautiful planet is up to us to
preserve in any way we can “
How do you take care of the earth? 
"Pick up trash anytime we are on a walk or outside so it so it doesn't end up in our beautiful Lake."

“Picking up trash while going on walks, stopping and smelling the flowers and recognizing that we are all connected to nature. Buying second hand when able”
"Try best to not use single use plastic and reuse it when I do." 

"Say no to plastic wrap and bottles."

"Use less, reduce reuse and recycle."

"Grow at least some of my food, reuse, and compost."

"Trying to buy anything I can second hand instead of new."
"Thrifting most of my clothes, reduce and reuse whenever I can."

"Always try to make sustainable choices."
"Reduce co2 emissions by driving less and taking public transportation/walking/biking whenever I am able."

"Solar panels."

"Planting flowers and trees."
"Practicing leave no trace and only taking pictures and memories with us from our nature adventures."
"Trying to swatch to products that don't hurt the environment."
“Picking up litter and consider myself an imperfect environmentalist”

Some of you even shared how your jobs are helping to
take care of our environment: 
“I'm going to firefighting school through LSC because my dream is to become a wild land firefighter and protect our forests.”

“I work for the parks in the city of Port Washington, Wisconsin. I enjoy planting flowers, trees and caring for our community garden beds all over town. Big project this summer is the prairie restoration goin on in the community.” 

“I work in transit and help electrify bus fleets! I love the earth and as a mom-to-be, want to preserve earth's resources for future generations! Love the lakes, minimize waste, reduce CO2 emissions by driving less, etc!” 

We just want to say thank you, for caring for the Earth , our home, in whatever way you can so that future generations can also know the greatness and beauty in nature that we are so grateful to live amongst.  
Happy Reducing, Reusing, + Recycling!
About Me: 

Ruby Dammann has been with North and Shore since the Makers Mercantile mobile camper days. She also is the maker behind Little Leaf Goods jewelry. Ruby grew up in St.Paul and moved up to Duluth for school (go bulldogs), fell in love with Lake Superior, and just hasn't been able to leave since. When she isn't in the store or making earrings she loves to get outside and go camping with her wife Marcy and dog Onni. You can find her and her jewelry on facebook and instagram at @little.leaf.goods.


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