3 of North & Shore's Nostalgic Stops

3 of North & Shore's Nostalgic Stops

Sep 06 , 2022


Olivia Cahoon

They say home is where the heart is & our heart is here. 
Welcome North!

Minnesota is such a nostalgic place. Growing up here was freeing with beautiful forests to discover and the big lake to admire- We say if you grew up here you are surely very lucky. 

Nostalgia is defined in the dictionary as a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.”
Come along as we share a few of our team's nostalgic places.
We hope it reminds you of your own memories of the beautiful North Shore!

Seaglass Hunting

Agate Picking 

Gooseberry Falls Visits

Walks to The Lighthouse



Nostalgia Stop  1... 2... 3...


Nostalgia Stop Number One

THE BIG CHAIRS – Beaver Bay, MN  

 47.2577° N, 91.3004° W


My mama says six is a circus, you don’t realize that until you're all piled in a car taking a camping trip up the North Shore. Year after year our camping adventures with our big family were wild. 

But with our excitement at the highest level and probably to save my mama's patience – we would make one very special stop every trip. The Big Chairs!

In the mind of a seven year old they were made for GIANTS. 6’6 Dad would pick me up on his shoulders. With one leap he’d have us standing tall for our annual photo and all the rest of the kids would scurry up the sides of the iconic adirondack chair. 

As I grew up it was fun to see how I got big and could climb up and stand on my own, to when I could drive and take my own trip to The Big Chairs!

Oh the eyes of children, we all need to remember the marvels we had as little explorers.  - Olivia


Nostalgia Stop Number Two


46° 43' 41.7828” N, 92° 2' 52.6848'' W


Growing up my family came up to Lake Superior at least once a year. Driving up, in a tightly packed car, full of excitement, wondering what would be in store for the time ahead. Coming down the hill into duluth and seeing the lake was always just like a breath of fresh air. The lake felt more like an ocean, and its vastness still does. We would drive down to park point, going over the lift bridge felt like we were entering a new world.

Climbing over the sand dunes felt like the complete opposite of what I understood Minnesota's north shore to be, the contrast of dense dark forest to bright white rolling sand dunes felt magical.

The cold water could never stop us in our adventures, splashing in the frigid temperatures, seeing which one out of my brother and myself could stand in the cold the longest. Feeling our toes go numb felt thrilling, especially knowing that we could run onto the hot sand once we had our fill of the cold.

It was grounding in a way that I still need sometimes. Then we would pile back into the car and continue on our way, to wherever our final destination was. The consistency and stability of the lake made me feel safe and it is no wonder I find myself unable to leave her side still. - Ruby 


Nostalgia Stop Number Three

ENGER PARK —Duluth, MN  

46.7761° N, 92.1249° W


Duluth’s Enger Park holds so many memories for me! 

It was where my siblings and I would go every summer on our annual weekend with Grandma, to climb the tower and run around the gardens while she shared her knowledge of many of the flowers. 

It was where Scott and I watched sunrises over Duluth together when we were dating and on the morning that he proposed!

It was where we would head with the kiddos toward the end of each pregnancy, to walk the steps of the tower in hopes to induce labor. (News flash:it never worked! ;) )

And now it's where our family visits often to picnic and explore the trails with people we love. 

I love Enger Park's natural beauty and variety of exploration options- hike a trail, climb a tower, stroll perennial gardens, or sit along the ridge and take in Duluth.

If you haven't visited this beautiful spot, add it to your next adventure list!  - Sara 

Feeling nostalgic?

Craving your favorite road trip snack? 

Smell the breeze of the lake? 

It's a joy to share our Northern Nostalgia with you!

We wish you many North Shore memories ahead!


Happy Adventuring,

The North & Shore Team

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