It's Time to Cozy Up on The North Shore

It's Time to Cozy Up on The North Shore

Sep 15 , 2022


Guest Writer

3 Easy Ways to Update your Home for Fall
One of my favorite ways to keep my home feeling fresh is by making small updates for the season. And there is no season that gets me more excited to make these updates like fall does. Okay, okay maybe the holidays do, but for now I’m feeling very excited about fall. I don’t believe these updates need to be complicated or expensive. 
So, I’m sharing 3 easy ways to update your home for the season ahead!
–Bring The Outside In–
One of the easiest ways to update your home for the season is to bring the outdoors in. One way to do this is by picking up some fall botanicals from a local craft store (think pampas grass, wheat, bunny tails, and pinecones). Or even better, get outside and explore a bit. See what elements might already be available to you (for free) while on a quick walk through your neighborhood or a hike through the woods. 
–Add Cozy Layers–
The cooler temperatures probably have you reaching for those extra layers anyway so now is the time to bring those blankets out and into sight.
Toss a throw blanket over your bed, in a basket, or over a chair. The extra layers are not only functional, but they ooze coziness. Look for blankets in warm colors and textured fabric to really bring in the fall vibes. 
Photo: Altered Abode
–Get Your Glow On–
Bringing more candles into your home (and actually lighting them) is a perfect way to get your home ready for fall. I mean, is there much better than a good book and the glow of a candle on a chilly fall day?
Plus, there is no shortage of fall-like scents to fill your homes with the cozy smells of the season.
Cozy Cabin and Campfire are a couple of my favorites from
-Fall Favorites-
Photo: Altered Abode
Aubrey DeBettignies is a Virtual Interior Designer
located in Duluth, MN and owner of The Altered Abode.
She is known for creating cozy, comfortable spaces inspired by the Minnesota Northwoods. 
When she is not designing spaces or DIYing, she is likely out exploring the trails with her labradoodle Opie. 
Instagram: @thealteredabode
Images by The Altered Abode

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