Breathtaking Views an Artist Finds Inspiration in Duluth!

Breathtaking Views an Artist Finds Inspiration in Duluth!

Nov 21 , 2023


Olivia Cahoon

Let’s take a trip around Duluth where I as a local artist finds my inspiration. One of my favorite parts of living in Duluth are the beautiful places that are right in the city. Duluth is a city of industrial architecture intertwined with nature. There seems to be an escape to the forest just about around every corner. As an artist I am always on the lookout for new places to capture on canvas, here are some of my favorite spots I have taken inspiration from.
Chester Park seems like a whole new world even though it is located right in the heart of the city. It is a great place to hike and enjoy the sounds of Chester creek gliding down the rocks. Chester Park has all sorts of hidden entrances, but I find the best place to go is Chester Bowl, a popular ski hill in the winter and the home of Duluth’s Fall Fest.
Congdon Park is where Tischer Creek flows into Lake Superior. It meets the lake at the Glensheen Historic Estate, the former home of Chester Congdon. The man Chester and Congdon Park are named after. With its evergreen studded cliffs and tranquil waterfalls, it is a great place to escape the rush of the city.
One of the best views of Duluth is found atop Enger Tower. You can see the whole city while still being close enough to pick out landmarks. From west Duluth to Park Point, Enger tower is a place where you can sit for hours and still find new buildings across the horizon. The park features Japanese gardens and tables, perfect for a picnic.
Living downtown, The Lake Walk was a place where I used to visit almost daily. It is an inspiring place that gives you the unbeatable view of Lake Superior. Many of my paintings are inspired by the energy gravitating off the lake. It is a humbling experience seeing the vastness of the world’s largest lake up close.
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Duke is an artist from St. Paul, MN who began art while attending St. Paul Academy and Summit School. After graduating in 2018, Duke later moved to Duluth, MN where he completed a degree in marketing and art at The College of St. Scholastica. Finding inspiration from Lake Superior and northern landscapes, Duke began painting professionally in 2022. Since the launch of Duke Nguyen Art, Duke has exhibited his work around various venues in Duluth, including local breweries, bars, coffee shops and art fairs. Buy Duke’s art at North and Shore or visit his website

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