Winterize Your Houseplants with Flora North!

Winterize Your Houseplants with Flora North!

Nov 10 , 2023


Guest Writer

With winter approaching rapidly, it is time to start preparing for the cold. Take those jackets out of storage, stock up on kitty litter and car shovels, and prepare your plants for the long winter ahead! We really do consider our plants to be our babies. They are fragile and require special care, especially in inclement weather.
Here at Flora North we wanted to share some tips to help your little ones survive.
𖧧 Try to repot before the temperatures drop below 55 degrees, or before September ends. Repotting can cause stress to the plant and the cool temperatures can make it harder to bounce back. You can begin to repot plants again once the temperatures rise again in the spring. I recommend the end of May or beginning of June.
𖧧  Try to huddle your plants together. It can help give them ‘body heat’ and keep them a bit warmer. Move any plants away from drafty windows, as the cold air can crisp up the leaves. This comes with the caveat of checking your plants for pests a bit more regularly if they are in close proximity to one another, as it is easier for infestation to occur.
𖧧  If you’re cold, they’re cold! If you need to transport a plant, make sure to provide some protection with a plastic bag. We recommend double bagging if it’s below zero. Minimize plant exposure to the cold as much as possible.
  𖧧  While plants are at rest during the winter, the air can be much drier.  Plants could need less water due to the lack of growth; however, with the lower levels of humidity your watering schedule could remain similar. A humidifier can help greatly to provide moisture to both you and the plants.
   𖧧  Since plants are in the growth period during the spring and fall, they do not need to be fertilized during the winter. Over nutrition can harm the plant.
 𖧧     Invest in some grow lights. There are many great options online that are reasonably priced that can help your plants thrive despite the lack of sunlight. Also, invest in a Happy Light. Not for the plants, but for you! I love to sit in my Happy Light in the morning while my plants are sitting in their grow light. It feels like a connecting act of care for myself and my plants.

Shop at Flora North for festive arrangement, fresh cut flowers, plants + more. We always have a variety of fun plant accessories and necessities for you babies. For our shop hours and location, click here.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your plants’ health, feel free to give us a call, DM, email, or stop by our shop! We love to help our community of plant lovers with keeping their babies healthy and happy. We offer repotting services in stores to relieve you from the stress that can come with repotting plants and we offer personalized care tips to help you learn more about your plants! 
About the Writer:
Emily Sue has been an employee at Flora North for almost 4 years! She is a design assistant and plant care specialist. When she’s not making arrangements or watering plants, you can find her searching for agates with her husband, Will, playing Taylor Swift on her guitar, or making her friends laugh. Her favorite plant in the store right now is the Split Leaf Philodendron and her favorite greenery to use in arrangements is Israeli Ruscus. She is a joy to have on our team!

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