Faith, Trust and a little bit of Stardust + Clay!

Faith, Trust and a little bit of Stardust + Clay!

Apr 08 , 2023


Janine Marxhausen

There’s so much beauty in the little things, if you’ll take the time to look. I think about that a lot when I’m creating. When you wear a pair of my earrings, my hope is that you both experience and share a little bit of beauty. My name is Janine Marxhausen, founder and creator of Stardust and Clay. As a small business entrepreneur who makes polymer clay earrings, I love creating unique, handmade pieces that add a touch of personal style to anyone's look.
I take pride in the careful and deliberate process that goes into each pair. I start by mixing my own colors to ensure each shade is custom-made to my liking. I make limited edition runs, so when you buy and wear a pair of my earrings, they’re truly unique. From there, I design, cut and shape each piece, adding paint, resin, or texture to the piece. Then I bake them to give them their firm and durable, yet flexible finish. Finally, each piece is sanded by hand before posts and finishings are added. Each step is done with precision and care to create a piece that’s both beautiful and long-lasting.
I’m inspired by the endless possibilities that polymer clay offers. Vibrant colors, versatile materials, allowing me to experiment with various shapes, sizes, and patterns. The possibilities are endless. In the midst of a hectic world, I find peace when I’m making earrings, and I hope that peace is passed on to my customers.
What I love the most about Stardust and Clay is the satisfaction that comes with creating something that others can enjoy. It makes me happy seeing someone wearing a pair of my earrings, knowing that I have made a small contribution to their style and confidence.
My journey since starting Stardust and Clay has been beautiful and rewarding. From the careful crafting process to the endless possibilities that polymer clay offers, I take pride in every pair of earrings that I make.  I love to hear from my customers! Please reach out anytime.
Happy Adventuring,
Janine Marxhausen is a northland born-and-raised maker whose recent creative energy has led her to making polymer clay earrings. She produces earrings in small batches, so each pair is distinct and unique, designed with an eye for modern design with a playful twist. In addition to Stardust and Clay, Janine is an entrepreneur with her hand in a number of businesses, and she loves to connect with people. She lives with her partner, four kids, and two dogs in a small, happy house in Esko.You can find her work locally at North and Shore, Yellow Bike, Vintage Hideaway, and Infinity Massage, and on Instagram @stardust_clay. 

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