Living The Sweet Life: North Shore Candy Shops

Living The Sweet Life: North Shore Candy Shops

Aug 15 , 2023


Olivia Cahoon

If you can’t tell by now, I love food (peep my other food blogs here and here)! Sour or Sweet, Savory or Tangy. But I am a Minnesotan so spicy is not a flavor for my food, but maybe my attitude… just sometimes. 
Eating and sharing a meal brings people together, so my love for food aside, I enjoy sharing our favorite spots to eat and treat up here on the North Shore. 
So without further ado, I bring you a really SWEET list of candy shops you’re going to want to visit. 
First up is Duluth Candy Co. formerly known as Fannie Rose Candy Shop. 
Duluth Candy Co. is a locally owned and operated candy shop specializing in fresh, homemade gourmet popcorn. Located in the heart of historic downtown Duluth, they serve up delicious popcorn and handmade truffles, chocolates, and much more. Whether you are looking for an individual snack or enough sweets to satisfy a large gathering, Duluth Candy Co. has you covered.
Hepzibah's Sweet Shoppe is also a Duluth, MN candy shop, located in Canal Park across from the shipping canal. Family-owned since 1987, Hepzibah's offers a unique selection of imported chocolate from all over the world. With an array of treats, both beautiful and tasty, there is a decadent candy choice for everyone that stops by. Try my favorites: candied ginger or salty imported licorice!  You can also find a variety of old-fashioned candies. Fun for your family to try! 
We can’t go on without mentioning Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen! Open seasonally, this stop along the scenic drive in Knife River, Minnesota is one for every generation. Now run by their 3rd & 4th generation candy makers, they follow family recipes from over 100 years of tradition. Who doesn’t love candy made the old-fashioned way, cooked in copper kettles, hand stirred and made in small batches.  Great quality candies made with great quality ingredients using lots of whipping cream, grade AA butter and fine chocolate. 
Just over the bridge in Superior, Wisconsin is Sweeden Sweets, a little shop that’s locally loved! You won’t find a lot online about this one, but they have a large selection of sweet treats from Cake Pops to your old-time favorites.
  I love that they carry almost every Jelly Belly flavor out there, including the draft beer flavored one (definitely an acquired taste).
They also have a wide variety of house-made ice cream!
A short drive south from Duluth, you’ll find Northern Minnesota’s largest candy store. It’s literally a warehouse of goodies at Sweetly Kismet Candy Store in Carlton, Minnesota. Right off HWY 35, you’ll find this shop hosting fun events in every season including fall tractor hayrides and horse drawn sleigh rides in the snow. They even offer tethered hot air balloon rides when the weather is right for it.  Discover their wild selection of glass bottle sodas, including a “Dill Pickle” flavor (I tried it, and it wasn’t horrible.) Find a variety of international candies, saltwater taffies, beef jerky, rocky candies, and gummy candies galore! Whether you are looking for sour, sweet, classic, or wild treats, this shop has it all! 
You may even see their candy food truck at music festivals and other events around town. 
Well, if you made it to the end of this blog you definitely have a sweet tooth.  I appreciate that!  Find all your favorites at these Northern Minnesota sweet stops, and be sure to comment with your favorites.
Olivia Cahoon  is North & Shore’s Social Media + Marketing Specialist. She joined our team back in June 2022. She has a huge passion for loving + serving people in everyday life.  Her main focus in life is living in gratitude. When she’s not in the shop, or working from home- you can find her probably watching The Office with her Aussie Selah, soaking up all the time with her loved ones, tending to her mini-jungle of plants + praising Jesus for his faithfulness in her life.

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