Staff Picks at North & Shore

Staff Picks at North & Shore

Feb 21 , 2023


Olivia Cahoon

Hello from the North and Shore team. We are the faces behind the scenes; The team that has carefully curated this little shop that both you and I enjoy just being in!
At the heart of North & Shore is
 ↟adventures along the North Shore.
↟ our beloved community of Duluth + beyond. 
↟ local + wild goods- handcrafted by our wonderful group of over 250 makers. 
We are approaching our first North & Shore birthday in April here at Enger Lofts
As we reflect on all this past year has brought, we are so thankful for a an ever evolving group of artists and makers that make North & Shore truly one of a kind. As we study our maker's products, stories, and inspiration, we are drawn in deeper to the beauty and awe of handmade goods. 
We often get asked about our team favorites + best sellers.. without further ado.. here's a few staff picks!
First up, Scott + Sara Clifton! They are the owners and founders of North & Shore and started this adventure back in 2017. Over the years they've seen their favorites list grow and grow. 
Scott’s favorites:
Sara is the curator + cheerleader of all our stellar products, but just a couple of her favorites are:
Next up is our Social Media Specialist, Olivia (hi it’s me, the writer of this collective team blog!). My picks would have to be-
And I love our North & Shore “ Take a Hike ” crewneck.
And next up is Ruby- our shop floor manager and also one of our jewelers,  owner of Little Leaf Goods. 
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Happy Adventuring,
The North & Shore Team

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