↟ Budget Friendly Winter Activities in Our Neck of the Woods ↟

↟ Budget Friendly Winter Activities in Our Neck of the Woods ↟

Jan 05 , 2023


Olivia Cahoon

You can ask my friends and family, I'm obsessed with snow. There, I said it. Seeing the northland's grounds sparkle with snow piled thigh-high is one of my favorite things. And with winter comes a couple of other things I love: layered clothes and cozy sweaters. But I know many people struggle in these cold months, so I wanted to put this blog out there with some fun ideas for staying adventurous and active in the upcoming days of frigid winter. So the question is: What do you do when the snow and temp fall? Our team has put together a list of our favorite free and low budget winter activities for all ages. 
Now, let me start this blog off with a fun fact: I am no outdoor activity junky - I am the girl who prefers a quiet hike. But I am also up for adventure and trying new things. I’ve ridden in the back of an open truck bed for two hours while traversing the high hillsides of Guatemala, and I've also spent hours trekking in the jungles of Thailand to reach the most epic waterfalls while in 80 degree weather with 90% humidity- for a girl with naturally curly hair thats an adventure in itself.
So, if you are like me who is an easy-goer, but is also up for an adventure, try these things out. 
Make memories! 

 ↟ Ice Skating 

Free ice skating open daily (weather permitting) at Bayfront Festival park. They offer a limited amount of ice skates free to the public. Another free option is the lighted ice skating rink at the base of Spirit Mountain.

 ↟ Snowshoeing ↟

Glensheen Mansion offers FREE snowshoe rentals, all you’ll need to do is purchase the $5.00 parking pass to hike their 12-acre grounds. 
Hartley Nature Center also offers snowshoeing fun with a $10 day pass for it trails; with 10 miles of hiking paths it’s perfect for a day full of snowy adventures. (Ski’s also available.)

 ↟ Cross Country Skiing ↟

Snowflake Nordic Ski Center boasts almost 200 acres of land for family fun. Just ten minutes from downtown Duluth, they offer day passes for adults ($7.00) and kids (ages 5-12)($3.00). 
Find more information on trails here .
So, there you go! There are just a few of the options that our neck of the woods can offer for fun during these winter months. Get outside and enjoy the beautiful blessings of nature around you.  
" Sometimes you'll never know the value of the moment until it becomes a memory. " - Dr. Seuss 
Happy Adventuring, 

Olivia Cahoon is North & Shore’s Social Media + Marketing Specialist. She joined our team back in June. She has a huge passion for loving + serving people in everyday life.  Her main focus in life is living in gratitude. When she’s not in the shop, or working from home- you can find her probably watching The Office with her Aussie Selah, soaking up all the time with her loved ones, tending to her mini-jungle of plants +  praising Jesus for his faithfulness in her life.

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