North & Shore's Interior Design Tips + Inspiration For a Cozy Home

North & Shore's Interior Design Tips + Inspiration For a Cozy Home

Nov 10 , 2023


Brighid Getten

The décor in your home is an essential piece of the puzzle to being able to relax and enjoy your time at home. Being in a room that has achieved harmony through design brings an unexplainable calm to the people in it. It is so important to be mindful of the décor going into your space. It is also important that you follow your gut and choose items that speak to you and make you happy.
At the end of the day, it is your space and you should decorate it however feels right to you. 
As an interior design student working at North & Shore, I am constantly inspired by the beautiful handmade items I’m surrounded by. I am always thinking of different ways to style our pieces and I wanted to pass some ideas on to you, in hopes you find some inspiration in this blog!  Also just ahead up you can find many of these items on our website for easy at home shopping, a few are linked below.
First up let's chat about the most important room in your home. 

One reason I love to decorate with handmade items is the texture it brings into a design. Ceramics, wood, fabrics and metal all have very distinct textures that can bring a lot to your space and change the overall atmosphere. Ceramics can look very high end but also very natural and earthy. Adding texture also helps when dealing with a more neutral color palette. It can create interest without adding a lot of color. A neutral color palette is also a great option if you want to add in some colorful décor or accents without overwhelming the space. Each of the pieces I’ve chosen to highlight here would work great in a more minimalist, neutral space on their own. When you start combining the patterns and textures of multiple pieces, the design becomes warmer and has a more natural feel. 

Lighting is super important to think about in any room of the house, particularly rooms that have multiple uses, like a living room. Introducing multiple light sources such as lamps and dimmable overhead lights allows you to change the mood of the room with the flip of a switch. You also want to consider the natural light in the room from whatever windows are available. The more natural light the better. When deciding on window dressings, you’ll achieve a more elegant look if the curtains go all the way to the ground, regardless of the height of the window. 

- Design Tips for Your Living Room -
  1. When it comes to curtains in your home, you can achieve an elegant look by having the curtains reach all the way to the floor, regardless of window height. 
  2. If you are wanting to introduce more color to your design, keep wall colors neutral and introduce as much color as you’d like with accents and décor.
  3. If you are going for a more neutral look, introducing different textures and materials will add interest without adding color. 
  4. You can enhance the mood in your living room by layering different lighting sources. You can achieve this with several lamps, different forms of lighting or having overhead lights on a dimmer. 

I personally love designing nurseries and kid spaces. You get to experiment with color and pattern you may not use in other rooms of the house. You also get to create a space that’s going to inspire peace and creativity for your little one! One trend I have been loving for kids rooms is decorative wall paper. If you introduce a fun, colorful wall paper, you may want to scale back the color in other aspects of the room. Luckily, there are many wooden and natural kids toys today that can bridge the gap between kids toys everywhere and a nice home aesthetic. Using that natural wood color throughout can help achieve cohesion in a space. 

In a kids room or other high traffic areas, choosing the paint finish is just as important as choosing the color. It is highly recommended to use a slightly glossier finish like satin or semi-gloss. This finish will be much easier to clean than traditional eggshell or matte finishes.

- Design Tips for Your  Kid’s Room -
  1. Using a slightly glossier paint finish such as satin or semi-gloss will be easier to clean in high traffic areas.
  2. A kids room is the perfect place to experiment with bolder colors so don’t be scared to introduce more color in these rooms!
  3. There are many wooden kids toys available now that have a very natural look. This is a great way to achieve cohesion by adding more naturally textured details to the room through furniture and other décor pieces.
f.) Baby Swaddles by Huds + Hanes
g.) Knit Throw Blanket by Kathy Shelerud
h.) Throw Pillow from Dwell

Kitchens are generally a more “sterile” looking area with clean, geometric lines from the cabinetry and countertops. This allows for room to play with patterns and textures in your décor. For example, ceramic and wood features are a beautiful contrast to stone countertops and bring warmth into the space. Open shelving is also a brilliant way to introduce warmth in your kitchen and show off some of your beautifully functional kitchen pieces, like the gorgeous pitcher from Terraform Pottery highlighted above. 

Kitchens are also a great place to play with bold colors. You could introduce more color and texture with an interesting backsplash or continue the countertop material up the wall for a more minimalist look. If you are working with a smaller kitchen, lighter neutral colors are recommended to make the space feel bigger but don’t be afraid to add some character through wall color or accessories!

- Design Tips for Your Kitchen -

  1. A backsplash is a great way to add more interest by choosing a creative tile or keep things modern and minimalist by continuing the countertop material up the wall. 
  2. Open shelving is a great way to show off your favorite kitchen items. If you are obsessed with ceramic mugs like I am, you could display your favorites in an open shelving unit. 
  3.  If you are working with a smaller kitchen, lighter neutral colors are recommended to make the space feel bigger. However, kitchens tend to be a room where brighter colors are encouraged so don’t be afraid to add some character through wall color or accessories!

I have found that many folks are pretty passionate about the aesthetics of their home but it can be daunting if things just aren’t looking quite right. Hopefully, this blog has given you a few new things to think about when it comes to the design of your home and helped you visualize what some of our products may look like paired with different décor. It can be easy to just do what seems trendy, but I think it is important to really choose pieces and color for your home that resonate with you, regardless of trends.

About the Writer:

Brighid Gettten wears many hats including being an interior design student, team member at North & Shore, nanny, and maker behind Barn & Birch Woodworking. When she isn't working you can find her at home hanging with many animals. Nature plays a huge role in her life, and she is inspired daily by the beauty of the North Shore. 

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